PR Sailing provides race management. What does this mean exactly?

Regatta sailing takes a lot of time: Crew, measurement, registration, delivery, training, tickets, accommodation. All activities that have to be done prior to the event, mostly between the companies. Difficult to combine with work and family, which means that competitive sailing is at a low level. Precisely for this we offer competition management. You can sail carefree and optimally enjoy sailing, we do the organization. We will map out your wishes during an introductory meeting. We have experience in the Netherlands, England, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.


Our organization can include: crew selection, technical maintenance, delivery's, transport, registration, measurement, training, communication, accommodation, sailing events, incentives, race management, charters, marketing and measurement letter optimization.

If you want to sponsor regatta's, PR Sailing also has an interesting concept for this. Please contact us for more information.


Sailing is a very specific sport and reaches a small but valuable target group. Sailing is technical and uses natural elements such as wind and water. As a result, sailing is often used to promote sustainable projects. Your company name in the sails during competitions provides beautiful photo / video material. In addition, sailing is a sport in which relationships can be easily invited and can experience the sport themselves, without having much sailing experience. This makes it a perfect B2B platform.

We currently do race management for the following boats:


Swan 45 Motions

Swan 45 K-Force

Swan 53 Silveren Swaen

Swan 53 Vertigo

Swan 56 La Belle

Swan 65 Cuordisole

Swan 95 Lot 99

VO65 Janssen de Jong


VO65 ChildhoodI

VO65 Team Brunel

Swan 45 No Limits

Swan 45 Moving Intelligence

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PR Sailing is specialized in sailing events and racing management. From exclusive events in exotic places to a sporty evening on the IJsselmeer or a high-tech sailing event. The quatlity and performance of the boats is important as well as good food and drinks.

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